Will let the majority establish govt. - President.

President Maithripala has said that he completely consented to today's (13) Supreme Court verdict and that he will allow the parliament majority to establish and continue as the government, a senior advisor of the President's Media Unit said.

He was responding to UPFA MP - Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena's statement to media. The MP had stated that the president is not ready to work with Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Speaking further, the advisor said, Following the Supreme Court verdict, the president clearly stated that he will respect the verdict. He also told the SLFP MPs that the group commanding the majority backing would be allowed to continue as the government.

Although the president emphasised that the SLFP will not join a government led by Mr. Wickremesinghe, he added that no disciplinary action would be taken against any SLFPer who does decide to join the UNP government, the advisor added.

He further said :

"Statements made by certain individuals to the media that the president will not allow Mr. Wickremesinghe to establish a government are false. The president is adamant that he will not allow the country to be pushed further into anarchy. He stated this clearly and responsibly."

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